What is an Interim?

Interims are:

  • experienced and skilled executives and managers
  • typically used at short notice
  • for short & medium term assignments
  • in high impact roles
  • to deliver defined goals

Assignments may incorporate consultancy, project management or operational roles and generally involve planning & implementing change, so ensuring seamless delivery & full accountability.

Interims are service businesses in their own right - not employees or temporary employees of the Clients they work for.

Why motivates the Interim?

This is a question we are often asked.  Clients see the interim's passion, pace, hard work and huge levels of drive to achieve goals - all proof of the interim's commitment - and wonder why don't they want to stay?

Interims positively chose the interim career route (usually after achieving a level of success in corporate life) because they are attracted to the challenges it offers.  The variety, the opportunity to experience different business environments and their issues,  finding the right solutions - quickly - and because they thrive on that sense of achievement satisfying their clients brings.  We also get huge personal satisfaction when we support, mentor and share our knowledge and experience  - often building lifelong working relationships.