What our clients say


David Cooper (CIO British Gas)

"Tracy was a superb interim HRD at a time of major change in the the IS team. In parallel Tracy had to build up the HR team as well as working closely with me to develop a complex people change agenda. She has the gravitas and experience to quickly gain the respect and confidence of the senior stakeholders and the IS team. Overall what you get is professionalism, intellect and ability to deliver pragmatic solutions. I can thoroughly recommend Tracy."      September 2011

Mel Smith (Ex COO TalkTalk)

 "Tracy was Interim Group HRD at TalkTalk at a time of major change. She worked closely with me when I was COO to develop the people change agenda and quickly mobilised the large, initially disparate HR team as one team to focus on delivering the extensive change agenda. This included the Tiscali Integration, restructuring the business including HR & upgrading the HR team, implementing a new HR system and developing and running an improved employee engagement survey. She has the personal credibility to quickly gain the respect and confidence of the senior team and HR professionals and is well networked to bring in skilled resources & support where needed. I particularly valued Tracy's personal support and counsel, her sound judgement, integrity, intellect, breadth of experience, professionalism, high work ethic, pragmatism and ability to make change happen. I can confidently recommend Tracy"      January 2011

Lucy Knight (HR Director BP Alternative Energy)

 "I highly recommend Tracy Hough as a HR consultant. I hired her for a 3 month period to support me in 3 complex projects: 1) devise and deliver a global employee engagement survey, 2) devise an employee value proposition and 3) integrate workstreams transitioning various HR activities from a centralized to decentralized model. She exceeded my expectations of delivery, energy, focus and fit with my team and the business. An asset to have in any team." 

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert     May 2009 

Kate Mansfield (Alium Partners) 
Tracy Hough provided services to BP Group and BP Alternative Energy for Alium Partners in 2008 & 2009.

 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“I have known Tracy for a number of years as both a Client and an Interim Manager. She is of exceptional calibre, and is a highly skilled, versatile and results-orientated Interim. Feedback from clients has been exceptionally positive. Tracy excels in building relationships at all levels within client organisations. I would highly recommend Tracy.”  February 26, 2009

Jonathan Glenn  (CEO Consort Medical Plc)    

"Tracy joined Consort as interim HR Director after the departure of our permanent HRD. Within a few weeks of joining the business one of our largest customers withdrew their product from the market leading to us announcing a major restructuring and site closure in the UK. Tracy lead the restructuring from an HR perspective in an exceptionally professional and diligent manner which lead to a flawless site closure and redundancy programme with no significant employee issues. On top of this I asked Tracy to review our performance appraisal systems which lead to Tracy implementing a completely new process that is far more employee focused than we had previously. Tracy also completed benchmarking exercise of all employees’ salaries and implemented a programme to address anomalies over a period of time. Tracy is a very high calibre HR interim. She immediately connected with the management team and staff and was seen as “one of the team” very quickly. She has a broad range of experience and although her fees are at the top end you get what you pay for. I would not hesitate to recommend Tracy."

Sam Smith (Formerly Director, Calibre One now MD at Marble Hill Partners)              Tracy Hough was Interim HR Director for retailer Fat Face provided through Calibre One 

“Tracy is a first class Interim HR Director; she has proved herself time and time again both strategically and operationally and she is at the top of my list should one of my clients require board level HR support. I think Tracy's greatest endorsement is that the companies she works with always want her to stay permanently.”    July 14, 2006

Whitbread Plc                                                                                                Tracy worked directly for Whitbread in a number of interim assignments - including  Interim HR Director for Brewers Fayre & Brewsters.

Ian Webster    (MD Brewers Fayre & Brewsters)  

 "Thank you very much for being so helpful, professional and continually dedicated. We could not have managed without you. Great to work with you - you really make a difference"       (2003)

Richard Walker   (Operations Director, Brewers Fayre)

 "10 Years work in 10 months!! Well done."      (2003)

HR Teams I have managed

Martin Crook ( Learning & Development Project Manager - Centrica Plc)

"Tracy is someone who makes things happen in big organisations. She helps senior leaders make the right decisions and she enables and inspires the people who work with her to follow through to deliver transformation and change. Tracy has a great understanding of how the corporate world works and is commercially astute. She builds fantastic relationships based on respect and healthy challenge and is an extremely good judge of character. I really enjoyed working with Tracy and have been extremely impressed at the extent of the transformation she drove at Centrica."      September 2011

Sue Glew ( Change Project Manager - Interim at Northern Rock)

"Tracy is one of the sharpest people I have had the pleasure of working with; she has an amazing ability to assimilate a mass of information very quickly and immediately assess the impact on the business. She is incredibly action-oriented, with an ability to get things done. Tracy builds strong relationships across the business, quickly earning respect and trust from others. As such she is able to operate very effectively by making good use of her network, at all levels. As well as being able to deliver the detail, she is a strong strategic thinker and is always able to see the longer term / bigger picture.  I believe Tracy is a true asset to any business, especially one looking to develop and implement strategic people chnage. She is inspiring and challenging to work for.  She takes work seriously but is fun to work with.  As an interim she is passionate about the role she plays, and invests herself fully in the business as well as its people. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Tracy again."        January 2011  

Victoria Jones (Compensation & Benefits Manager, Consort Medical now Travis Perkins )

“I would highly recommend Tracy. I found Tracy to be very approachable, driven, professional, commercial and people oriented. Great at relationship building, being pro-active and motivational. Her leadership skills and technical knowledge are also excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed working for Tracy.”       February 9, 2009

Sarah Kerr (HR Business Partner, Cable & Wireless)

“Tracy is a great HR professional - very knowledgeable, commercially minded, delivery focused and motivating for people who work for her. She is highly respected both by the business and HR and made a strong impact in a relatively short space of time. When the going gets tough and it's "all hands to the pump", Tracy is willing to get stuck in. I really enjoyed working with Tracy and would jump at the chance to work with her again.”    October 27, 2008

Lynne Baker (HR Business Partner - Cable & Wireless) 

“I worked with Tracy when she came in to Head up the Operations HR team at C&W UK on an interim basis. Tracy gets into the heart of both the HR and functional team she is part of immediately, building relationships quickly, such that her impact is much more than keeping things ticking over - Tracy identifies and acts on areas that need transformation, whilst maintaining a motivated team.”      May 2006

Victoria Bird  (HR Manager, Warner Music UK now HR Director at TSL)

“In her time at Warner Music Tracy moved HR to a position of influence and impact. She was inspirational to work for and I learnt a tremendous amount from her not only in terms of HR but also her tenacity and personal style.”     June 29, 2008