What we do

Hough HR works directly with Clients or through Interim Agencies to provide wide ranging HR Interim and Consultancy Services.
HR Interim
Typically our assignments arise from one of the following business situations:

Client Business Situation

 Interim Requirement


Planned or sudden departure or absence of the Client HR Director

  • experienced HR professional to quickly & seemlessly join leadership team & lead, mentor & motivate the HR function.  
  • Usually also find, recruit and handover to permanent HRD

 e.g. Whitbread, Tiscali, Consort Medical, Cable & Wireless 

Business challenge requires new or different skills/experience not currently found in client HR function

  • to import specific HR skills and experience required - either at higher HRD level or specific functional expertise

 e.g. Fat Face, Symbian Software, Nestle PowWow 

Client Business challenge(s) require additional senior HR resource

  • additional temporary experienced HR resourceto support existing team to undertake significant project
 e.g.  BP Biofuels, BP Solar, Barclays

Some examples of assignments we have undertaken include:
  • Crisis Management  -   Consort Medical plc- loss of major client order necessitated rapid major business restructure
  • Managing change or transition Fat Face - High Growth; Northern Rock & Consort Medical - Restructure 
  • VC Financing  -  Fat Face
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, JVs, Integrations, Sell-Offs  - Tiscali, Cable & Wireless, TEN, BP Alternative Energy
  • Business De-merger / Separation & Migration - Northern Rock
  • Specialist Consultancy
    • Developing Employee Value Propositions - Fat Face, BP, BP Biofuels
    • Internal Communications - Nestle PowWow
    • Employee Engagement Surveys - BP Biofuels, BP Solar
    • Reward  - Barclays (Risk Call Centre)Tiscali post merger reward strategy & harmonisation, Consort Medical  new approach to Annual Pay Review, Executive Reward
    • Implementing Performance Review Processes - Kent County Show Ground, Fat Face, Consort Medical
    • Project Management -TEN, Cable & Wireless, Barclays, Northern Rock
    • Resourcing HRD - Fat Face, Consort Medical, Tiscali
  • HR Function - establishing and building new teams or evaluating and restructuring existing teams; mentoring - TEN, Consort Medical, Fat Face, Tiscali, TalkTalk Group
  • Introduction to the Interim Career - Outplacement Workshops e.g. at Consort Medical, Springboard Job Club Gerrards Cross

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