Why use an Interim?

Interims deliver a number of significant benefits to clients - here's just a few of them:

Speed – we're quick to find, start and on-board - we hit the ground running & have the drive and ability to fast track projects to completion. If the fit is right at the exploratory meeting - there's no lengthy recruitment process needed - just check the client references - and they can  be with you within 24 hours.

Results Interims are experienced and typically over qualified - bringing the relevant skills into your team when you need it and leave promptly when you don't.

Proven ability to deliver on time & budget – Interims are ‘doers’ and ‘implementers’ with a track record  of delivery so minimising client risk of project failure

Interims are driven self starters with personal and organisational creditability - we bring pace and impetus to any project and really make a difference. 

Quick, seamless integration into Client management and/or project teams

Strong Interpersonal skills – ensure we can get people quickly on side so we can be immediately effective.

Strategic AND hands-on implementers we develop the plans and then roll our sleeves up and deliver them

Objective & independent - although highly sensitive to the client company’s ethos, interims are freer to make recommendations and speak their mind when required. Interims don't get involved in or side-tracked by internal politics.

Mature Resilience

Knowledge transfer to client teams

Mentoring /coaching/developing permanent teams or new less experienced senior hires

Interims can be used to protect the "Business As Usual" whilst permanent teams deliver stretch or large change project goals

Cost effective solution compared to Consultancies - assignments are for fixed periods at a fixed known cost.

But don't take our word for it - read some of our testimonials.